Education and Edvocacy

We at Naqib Development Charity Foundation trust that science and education are the foundation of the renaissance of societies and cultures. It is therefore important that we support this field and be one of our priorities as it is the basic building block in our society for the better and for you through supporting the youth in learning achievement, summer camps and Quran memorization workshops

Important works

Supporting students' college students.

Supporting schools with educational needs.

Summer Camps.

Ensuring the memorization of the Koran.

Education and Edvocacy

Sun 02 Jun 2019 10:55 am
Buy three generators for three mosques

  Al- Naqeeb Development Charity Foundation purchased three generators with a capacity of 60 k...

Mon 30 Nov -1 12:00 am
The conclusion of the training course for the maintenance and programming of mobile

The program was concluded by the Al-Naqib Development Foundation, which was established by the Harva...